“Creating Constantly”, Suzana Bloem, Center for Languages and Intercultural Communication

I have taught using the same book for fifteen years, but I have never taught the class the same way. Why? Because the landscape changes, the scenery changes. The scenery is the students. So, this year I have these faces with these personalities. Next year, none of them are there. Sometimes you have something like my Spanish group. I always prayed that people would look in to see what was happening, because if you heard it from the outside you would think, “They have a party everyday here?!” We laughed, and we laughed loud, and I was always reining them in because if you let go of the ropes you can lose the class.  Sometimes you get a quiet group of people, and the book is the same, the syllabus may look exactly the same with different dates, but you don’t do the same thing. Some groups love to sing, some groups do not open their mouth. You have to be creative. You can’t look at the class the same way when the class is not the same. Each group of people commands what you do in there. My God, if you don’t create constantly, you’re a dead body, and you’ll kill the class.