Makes Me Happy, Maya Soifer Irish, History

How I remain motivated is really simple: I just really love history. If you don’t love what you are doing, if you don’t love your discipline, you are probably in the wrong career path. I always found history fascinating. I think historically. To pose a question and have me answer requires historical thinking to understand. Almost any problem that we see today, we have to go back in time to see how that institutional problem developed over time for a much deeper understanding of it. That process has always fascinated me.   I feel privileged and fortunate that I am able to have this perspective. People without that interest in history don’t get the benefit of it. I can’t even understand how they hope to explain certain things without the historical analysis on which I rely.   I really do love history. I love writing about history. Everyday when I wake up I have a life, I have children, I have a family, and they’re all important for me. But everyday I wake up thinking about the Middle Ages, writing about Middle Ages, and reading about the Middle Ages. That gives me that enthusiasm and desire to keep going and be happy. It literally makes me happy. When people say, do what you love, it’s a dangerous proposition. What if you love something that doesn’t give you a job? I was in the job market for four years and, it looked like I was not going to get anything. I feel very lucky that I succeeded. Now that I have succeeded, I can enjoy every moment of it.