“Inspire Creativity”, Dr. Huey Huang, Physics & Astronomy

I don’t think you can foster curiosity in a person – my assumption is that the person comes with curiosity – if the person has no curiosity, can you change? Can you put curiosity in that person’s mind? I don’t know. I always feel like I want to know more, and I assume a student is the same- I assume they are just as curious as I am. So I realize that I teach my students differently from what I learn from my advisor- that’s partly because I am doing experimental bio physics and when I was a student I was doing theoretical particle physics- it’s very difficult field- that theoretical physics is something you can do on your own. You teach your self with books and papers. But doing what I am doing now, experimental biophysics, you need equipment and students do experiments- when they come to my lab, they don’t know what they want to do, and I have to suggest  projects for them to investigate. So it’s very different kind of thing but I assume students have curiosity just like I do.