“A Lightbulb Went Off”, Dr. Phillip Kortum, Psychology

When I was an undergraduate, I had a professor who took an interest in me. His name was Dr. Michael Riley at the University of Nebraska. It’s a great school. I love the University of Nebraska. And I didn’t realize that I wanted to study engineering psychology until I took his engineering psychology course. And the minute I took his course, it was just like a light bulb went off. I recognized that I was interested in the psychology side of it, and I knew I was interested in the engineering side of it, but I didn’t really understand that there was a discipline that combined them in a very specific way. And he was such a kind and generous man and helped me stay on track and gave me great advice about what I should do and how I should pursue that kind of work. And so he’s really the one who pushed me over the edge and said if you want to go in this direction, this is what you need to do.